Author: Darina Allen

  With only one and a half weeks to go to Christmas, this week I am devoting my column to edible gifts, there are a zillion delicious suggestions […]

  Can you believe it’s 25 years since my ‘Simply Delicious Christmas’ was first published, I had brown hair and red glasses and had just done my first Simply Delicious series on […]

Author: Darina Allen

Mutton – remember mutton!  now in reality an almost forgotten flavour.   So what exactly is the definition of mutton? It is simply the meat of older sheep. Just as beef is mature veal, so mutton is mature lamb. Spring lamb […]

Author: Darina Allen

RecipesAloo Tikki – Potato Fritters with Sizzled Tomatoes Just Raw Arun’s (Fat Free) MincemeatThyme & Pepper LozengesHave we Irish got a taste for spices or what!! Thirty years ago when I first started the Ballymaloe Cookery School garlic was still considered by many to be daring and exotic. It was ten years before most of us dared […]

Once a term on the 12 Week Certificate course, all the students pile into a bus. There’s always great excitement as we head off on our Ballymaloe Cookery School tour – Everyone reverts back to giggly school kids but although it’s […]

Michael Kelly and his merry team of GIYers are definitely ‘ change makers’. Similar to Slow Food, this movement was born out of frustration and indignation. This time, it wasn’t the appearance of the golden arches in Piazza del Spagna in Rome that sparked the outrage, […]

Almost every culture around the world marks Halloween, the Day of the Dead or All Souls Day in it’s own magical way, but despite the differences, the basic idea behind all these customs is to honour, remember and appease the dead. Mexico’s […]

IFEST, The first major celebration of Irish culture and food was held in Boston recently. It’s the brainchild of Rachael Kelly, the young entrepreneur who was behind the Taste of Dublin festival for many years. Her vision is to take IFEST to all […]

Back to college has produced lots of nightmare stories, as students scramble to find affordable accommodation in a scarce and challenging market. So let’s hope you have already found a comfy spot, with a little […]

The Scots have spoken loud and clear, they will remain in the union but nothing will ever be quite the same again. They have always been intensely patriotic, enormously proud of their heritage, their music, and their tartans even their food which doesn’t necessarily have a sterling reputation in […]

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